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New York Bagels
makes 12 large

6tsp dry Yeast
2Tbsp Sugar - caster
1cup Lukewarm Water
2cup Milk - Lukewarm
6cups Flour - plain
2Tbsp Salt
1Tbsp Sugar - caster

Eggwash - 1 egg yolk mixed with 3Tbsp milk
Poppy seeds & Rock salt - optional

Mix the yeast with the water, milk and first quantity of sugar, stand 10 mins to sponge. Add the Flour, salt and rest of sugar, mix until well combined....turn out onto floured bench and knead well.Place in lightly oiled large bowl cover with plastic wrap and prove in warm area ~ 30mins.

Turn dough out onto bench, knock back and portion into 12, roll each portion into ball, flatten slightly and poke your finger thought the center...widen the hole by rotating fingers within the hole (you want it about 3 cms diameter) place on tray allow to proove ~ 1hour.

While the bagels are prooving place a large pot of water on the heat and allow  to come to a gentle simmer, once the bagels have prooved place a couple at a time in the water for 1/2 a minute each side, to gently poach...remove form water carefully using a slotted spoon place on greased baking paper on baking tray, brush on the eggwash and sprinkle with the poppy seeds & rock salt Bake@150C for ~ 15-20 minutes remove from baking paper and cool on racks

Note: these will cook better if you have silicon sheets as the bagels can stick to greased paper....so silicon is worth the investment.



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